About Us

earthsave-earth-plantEARTHSAVE CANADA is a Vancouver-based registered charity founded in 1989. We advocate the move towards a more whole food, plant-based diet for environmental sustainability, better health, and compassion toward animals. We feel that the base of our diet should come from plants, but do not require people to be strict in their diet to make a difference - making 'plant-based' a label we can all get behind.

For over 28 years, thanks to our supporters, Earthsave Canada has been able to carry out our mission to educate and advocate more than ever before.

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Our Mission


Earthsave Canada is a registered Canadian non-profit, educational organization promoting awareness of the environmental, ethical and health consequences of our food choices. We advocate the move towards a more whole foods, plant-based diet for environmental sustainability, better health, and compassion toward all animals.

Our Vision


We all want to make a difference. For many it can be overwhelming to consider all the options available, and the many streams of information coming at us every day. Here at Earthsave Canada we feel that moving toward a plant-based diet is the single most effective thing that you, as an individual, can do to make the world a healthier, greener, and kinder place. With one simple change to our lifestyle we can have an incredible impact on the world around us. Many begin on the plant-based path inspired by a single reason, only to find themselves committed to a lifelong change by considering all the many reasons. We want to support people, young and old, in their efforts to make the transition to a better way of life

We are making changes and growing every year. We hope you will want to be part of it and help us make a difference. We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about what we do, and consider making a donation today. DONATE NOW.

Annual Report

Our History


Earthsave Canada began in Vancouver BC in 1989, and was legally incorporated as a non-profit society in British Columbia on March 1, 1992. Since then we have grown along with our members, but remain an independent and economically sound volunteer-run organization.


Did you know?

Did you know that Earthsave Canada is NOT a vegan organization? We promote a shift towards a more whole food, plant-based diet. Plant-based diets are those where the majority of calories and nutrition come from plant rather than animal sources.

Vegan diets are 100% plant sourced, but also exclude the use of leather or any other animal products
Vegetarian diets may include dairy and eggs.
Most of our members, including the Board, are either vegan or vegetarian but many are not.  Everyone is welcome.  What we all share is that we strive towards a more plant-based diet for better health, environmental sustainability and compassion towards other animals.