Meatless Meetup at Terra V

Hi there! It's Nathalie, the new Earthsave intern, just updating you on my adventures in the veggie community.

Last Friday, I attended my first Meatless Meetup and met some of you Earthsavers in person.

We went to Terra V, a vegetarian burger restaurant in Kitsilano, of course featured in our new Veg Directory.

TeraV-Meetup2-2012-08-24During our meetup we were served samples of their No Bull Burgers, the 8" Lentil Panini and the Barbecue Tempeh Burger.

I loved the flavors of the grilled No Bull patty on crisp lettuce, Daiya and Vegenaise. Simple, but good.

The picture speaks for itself.   (photo by Jay Dave)

We also indulged in their creamy and rich vegan peanut butter cups. I didn’t manage to snap a picture because they were gone so fast.

Despite being “fast food”, Terra V’s Burgers do not make for a greasy meal. They are served on whole wheat buns and a generous portion of veggies instead of half a lettuce leaf. Their tofu and tempeh is organic. Out of their four kinds of burgers three are available as vegan, as are all the wraps and salads. Terra V also serves Smoothies to which you can add a shot of Vega Protein Powder. -Good quality and energizing plant-based food which keeps you full, but not stuffed. A great option when you're on the go but don't want to make compromises on your well-being.

Thanks to Terra V and the Meatless Meetup team! I enjoyed the lovely food and company.

I am looking forward eating my way through Veg Vancouver, one bite at a time.

Where do you get your favorite veggie burger?

Bye for now,

Nat ~ Office intern

Saving the earth… one bite at a time

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