Earthsave needs your help!

A message from our office manager Carolyn V. Mill

Our organization has been doing some rather important work for the animals, people and planet. By changing our food habits, we can make an incredibly huge difference.

As an individual it is the single biggest impact you can make (short of running for prime minister!). There are currently more animals being raised for food on the planet than there are people - and yet millions go hungry, and many more are sick or obese.

Current methods of feeding ourselves are leading to a very bad place indeed, but there is hope if we move towards a more plant-based diet.

We don’t need everyone to go completely vegan, we just need a drastic reduction in the consumption of animal products, and some intelligent and compassionate changesin how we farm.

Unfortunately, there is a multi-billion dollar industry telling folks the exact opposite. Even some levels of government are in cahoots, as they benefit from the campaign support they receive from these industries. It’s a much bigger issue than many realize.

Someone needs to balance the information out there, and encourage folks to live a little lower on the food chain, and be more aware of what they put in their mouths.

As a legitimate registered non-profit charity, and educators with no ties to industry, it is possible that if we rally the troops and try our very best - we CAN have an impact on this serious threat to all creatures. IF we are able to carry on our work.  And that’s a big if. Right now, we are so underfunded that we are at serious risk of going under.

Earthsave did not receive funding for Taste Of Health this year, and so we are unable to present this popular and meaningful outreach event. Membership is up slightly, but the revenue generated from those dues is barely enough to cover basic operating costs (one part-time staff and a tiny shared office, web costs, plus welcome packages and postage).

Printing our newsletter, our handy Veg Directory and our new educational brochures on how to get Protein and Calcium from a plant-based diet, has become a real challenge.Free to take, but not free to make.

We have plans to create our own ‘food guide’ and offer new school presentations, as well as a bigger and better vegetarian food fair next year - but we might not make it to next year. It would be tragic if Earthsave was downgraded to an online resource only, just when the need for outreach is at its greatest.

The world is finally listening to the call for change. We need to be there to support and educate, to inspire and drive that change into action. 

But we need your help to do it. Please consider how you can help us continue this important work.


~ Please give what you can:

Receipt for donations over $20 ~ Charitible #12995 4707 RR 0001

 Here are just a few ways you can help:

A monthly donation of $10/$20/$50.

  • Speak to your employer or local business about sponsoring Earthsave or matching employee donations.
  • Leave a legacy fund to ensure that your commitment to this cause lives on - an incredible way to be remembered. We can help you with details on how (legal name Earthsave Canada).
  • Donate products, coupons, cash. All tax deductible and we issue receipts.
  • Volunteer your skills to help with funding applications and event organizing.

Make the time to make a difference. You are Earthsave.

You can make a difference. We can’t do this without YOU.

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