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Who we are: ESC Volunteer Board of Directors

David Steele

Dave works as a molecular biologist recently retired from the faculty of the University of British Columbia. He has also held faculty positions at Cornell and Queen’s University, and received the Genetics Society of America Award for his research" in 1992. Dave is on the Environment and Social Justice Committees of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Dave has been Earthsave’s President since 2009, his responsibilities also include our weekly email update and ensuring that information disseminated is scientifically accurate. He is also a regular contributing writer to the Earthsave newsletter and various other publications.

Vice President
Robert Sugimoto

Robert Sugimoto works as a Director of Operations with a major fortune 500 Corporation with responsibilities that span across Canada. His background includes 20+ years in the corporate environment in the telecommunications, manufacturing, strategic management and print industries. Rob’s responsibilities include Operations, Finance, HR Management, Marketing and Reprographics. Rob is not only our treasurer and office liaise, but also our front ‘runner’ in the Scotiabank charity challenge!

+ Veg Directory coordinator
Peter Quin-Conroy

Our secretary has been the driving force behind our very up-to-date veg directory and even taught himself how to code our app for the Android. Peter is from Australia and currently works for a legal firm in Vancouver, and is active in the animal advocacy community. Peter is committed to making the most of his time and resources by volunteering for various community initiatives.

Kyle Smith

An active parent to two young children, Kyle and his wife (a vegan chef) believe that their plant-powered lifestyle is important role modelling, instilling their family with the values of compassion, as well as environmental and social responsibility.  As a vegan parent Kyle feels able to empower his children to choose healthy plant-based whole foods, while building a healthier and happier world for all beings. In volunteering for Earthsave, Kyle hopes to set a lifelong example, sharing the importance and ethical consequences of our food choices with his family, friends, and community. Kyle has many years’ experience working for a small local community based business. Kyle also volunteers within his co-op housing community and for his children's local school and district.

IT director
Volker Seidel

Volker is the chair for the Kodak Green Team and works for Kodak in the Technical Response Center as a Remote Support Engineer. The Green team is committed to lead Kodak into a more sustainable and green future for their employees. He recently graduated as a Master of Arts in Environment and Management from the Royal Roads University in Victoria and was honoured with the Royal Roads University Founders' Award for having best exemplified the qualities of leadership, sustainability and personal development amongst his graduating cohort. Volker worked for Dell Ireland and IBM USA before and has a wide experience as Project and Team Manager.  Volker is active in the animal rights scene, committed to walk the talk, and is our current IT director."

Staff & Key Volunteers

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on how best to serve our membership.

Did you know?

Earthsave Canada is plant-powered, but not a vegan organization specifically. Earthsave promotes a shift towards a more whole-food, plant-based diet for so many great reasons. Plant-based diets are those where the majority of calories come from plant rather than animal sources - the base of your diet. Vegan diets are 100% plant sourced, but also exclude the use of leather, honey, silk, and any other animal products, and is more of an ideology to reduce suffering by non-human animals. While we celebrate our vegan friends and their ideals, many Earthsave members (even at the Board level), are neither vegetarian nor vegan, but ALL strive towards eating more plant-based meals for better health, environmental sustainability and compassion towards non-human animals. Folks at every stage of dietary evolution are welcome at Earthsave. Join us!

Why not become a volunteer or join the board of Earthsave Canada?

Would you like to get more involved and make use of your passion, skills and available time? Check out some of the many ways you can help us carry out our mission.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to Earthsave's mission while also gaining new experiences and meeting like-minded people. To volunteer please email your resume and a little about yourself to

We are always looking for new board members who have the talent and the time to help run this organization. We are very open to new ideas and welcome fresh faces.

To be considered for a board position please email your resume, what position you are interested in, and a little about yourself to If your available time and talents match one of our current openings you will be asked to attend a board meeting. New board members are voted on by members at the AGM, and are occassionally board appointed at one of our monthly meetings.


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