EARTHSAVE CANADA is a registered charity helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of all animals. You can make a difference. Join us! Give today!


Our Mission

Earthsave Canada is a registered Canadian non-profit, educational organization promoting awareness of the environmental, ethical and health consequences of our food choices. We advocate the move towards a more whole foods, plant-based diet for environmental sustainability, better health, and compassion toward all animals.

Our Vision

We all want to make a difference. For many it can be overwhelming to consider all the options available, and the many streams of information coming at us every day. Here at Earthsave Canada we feel that moving towards a plant-based diet is the single most effective thing that you, as an individual, can do to make the world a healthier, greener, and kinder place. With one simple change to our lifestyle we can have an incredible impact on the world around us. Many begin on the plant-based path inspired by a single reason, only to find themselves committed to a lifelong change by considering all the many reasons. We want to support people, young and old, in their efforts to make the transition to a better way of life.

When coming together as a community, food can bring us together, or make us feel isolated when our beliefs interfere with our ability to take part in a group meal. Food is fast becoming an equity issue that can no longer be ignored. Yet another incredible benefit of a plant-based diet is that EVERYONE can partake. All cultures and beliefs are welcome at our table.

In 2014 we a ESC are making changes and growing even more. We hope you will want to be part of it and help us make a difference. We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about what we do, and consider becoming a member today. JOIN US!.

Our History

The EarthSave Foundation was started in the United States in 1987 by John Robbins as a result of overwhelming response to his book, "Diet for a New America." Earthsave Canada began in Vancouver BC in 1989, and was legally incorporated as a non-profit society in British Columbia on March 1, 1992. Since then we have grown along with our members, but remain an independent and economically sound volunteer run organization with one part time employee and a very active volunteer board.

Our Initiatives

Educational Literature: we provide information and support by creating, printing and distributing well researched and easy to read brochures. 'The Power of a Plant-based Diet' is our latest publication, while 'How to get your Protein & Calcium from a Plant-based Diet' provide compelling answers to popular questions. We are currently working on creating the Healthy People Happy Planet Food Guide - a Canadian-made plant-based food guide and presentation to take into schools and workplaces. Sponsor a print run for your group today.

Events and Plant-powered Speaker Series: Vegetarian Food Fair, Plant-powered Speakers Series and other Community Events: For 13 years Taste of Health was Western Canada’s largest vegetarian food festival . We also organize various fundraising galas, member potlucks and information tables throughout the year, as well as our very popular Plant-powered Speaker Series including experts such as Neal Barnard of the PCRM and Dr. Michael Greger of (coming July 2014).

The Metro Vancouver Veg Directory: With over 300 listings it's the most up-to-date directory of veg-friendly restaurants and retailers in the city. In print and also as a searchable directory online. Plus a FREE apps for iPhone and Android! Earthsave Member Discount Program (MDP): Over 50 veg-friendly businesses offer a 10% discount to all Earthsave members to encourage driving change with our dollars.

Outreach/Articles: We regularly publish articles on diet and how it relates to sustainability and better health, and have been reprinted in various publications as well as interviewed by local and national media, the BBC and others. Sharing information, supporting local businesses, contacting the media and government with informed feedback on current issues, connecting and building healthy communities - all part of what we do to make a difference in a world of indifference.  - Meatless Monday Canada is a local chapter of global initiative interested in helping Canadians make one day a week meat-free. Thanks to our collected efforts the City of Vancouver proclaimed Monday June 10th, 2013 as the city’s first official Meatless Monday. Vancouver is the first Canadian city to do so. Not ready to go completely meatless yet? Want to get your workplace or school involved? Pledge to go meatless 1 day a week! We will support you with menu ideas, posters and more.

Did you know?

Did you know that Earthsave Canada is NOT a vegan organization? Earthsave promotes a shift towards a more whole food, plant-based diet. Plant-based diets are those where the majority of calories and nutrition come from plant rather than animal sources.

Vegan diets are 100% plant sourced, but also exclude the use of leather, honey, silk, and any other animal products, and is more of an ideology with the primary goal to reduce suffering of non-human animals.

Vegetarian diets may include dairy and eggs, as they are seen as 'no kill' foods. Sadly, with the advent of factory farming these animal products can no longer be seen as compassionate choices.

We can all agree that factory farmed animal products are not very appetizing or good for the environment. 

Many Earthsave members, even at the Board level, are neither vegetarian nor vegan, but all strive towards eating a more plant-based diet for better health, environmental sustainability and compassion towards non-human animals. Everyone is welcome, and every little bit helps. Join us!

EARTHSAVE CANADA ~ Save the planet one bite at a time

ESC is a Vancouver-based charity, helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of animals.

MAILING ADDRESS: Earthsave Canada PO Box 2213 STN Terminal Vancouver, BC V6B 3W2 | 604-731-5885

Charitable # 12995 4707 RR0001

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