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Transitions ~ Featured Volunteer

Peter Quin-Conroy

I went vegetarian in my mid-teens due in part to teenage rebellion and influence from an older sister who was (and still is) vegetarian. Growing up in Australia in the 90s, I don’t think I even knew what a vegan was.

It sounded so scary (No cheese? No chocolate? NO WAY!). It was a gradual transition, but by early 2010 it became a no-brainer for my boyfriend and I to go completely vegan. With all the amazing vegan and veg-friendly restaurants in Vancouver, meetup groups, and Earthsave(!), being vegan in Vancouver is not just easy, it’s fun! 

I realize now just how crucial knowing other veg’ns is on influencing someone to make the switch. Fellow Australian Peter Singer’s reasoned, intelligent and hard-to-refute ethical arguments really appeal to my science/rational outlook on life. I highly recommend reading any of his books, especially ‘The Ethics of What We Eat’ and ‘Animal liberation’. 

I became a member of Earthsave shortly after arriving in Vancouver (I don’t think I would have coped without my trusty Veg Directory!) and started volunteering for them at East Side Pride 2010. I’ve volunteered for several events since then, and also with updating the Veg Directory. 

It’s really fulfilling knowing that I am doing my bit to encourage the broader community to examine their eating habits. I’m lucky to be able to work part-time and offer some of my free time to help Earthsave in addition to financially supporting them. 

I really feel that Earthsave needs and deserves as much financial assistance as it can get and for that reason I recently upped my donations by 50%

Whether your reasons are ecological or ethical, the benefits of being vegan are huge. I believe that we are lucky to have an organization like Earthsave and should be doing everything we can to ensure they’re around for a long time!


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Earthsave Canada is a Vancouver-based charity, helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of animals.

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