EARTHSAVE CANADA is a registered charity helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of all animals. You can make a difference.
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Earthsave Canada's Educational Literature

Advertisers are not educators, yet sadly much of our nutritional education comes from the media these days. You can help Earthsave Canada provide educational tools and resources that benefit the planet, the people, and animals. The latest addition to our brochure series The Power Of A Plant-based Diet sums up the many benefits, while our existing brochures on How to get your Protein & Calcium from a Plant-based Diet offer compelling answers to common questions. We are currently working on creating the Healthy People Happy Planet Food Guide - a Canadian-made Veg Starter Kit, with plant-based food guide. Along with our printed materials, we aim to create a corresponding Power Point Presentation to take into schools and workplaces to ensure that reliable information is available and easy to understand. YOU can help Earthsave save the planet by making this project possible! Sponsor a print run and share with your community. Make a difference. Give today.

Earthsave Canada Brochure Series
including our latest 'The Power of a Plant-based Diet'
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Search the Veg Directory here. Increasing Sustainability with a Plant-based Diet (one of the biggest impacts we can make as individuals), plus Vitamin D, B12 and Iron from a Plant-based Diet coming soon.

Want to share these at your work place or school?

Would you like to sponsor a print run of our handy brochures to share with your community? 'The Power of a Plant-based Diet',‘How to get your Protein & Calcium from a Plant-based Diet’, and/or our 'Veg Directory' are all awesome tools for spreading the word. A donation of $250 (per title) makes 500 copies to distribute at your school, community centre or workplace. Help us spread the word by helping others answer common questions and concerns. (full colour, local delivery included) Make a donation, or email and we will send you details.

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Our posters offer compelling arguments for going meatless once a week.



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Help fund our Healthy People Happy Planet Food Guide

These days most Canadians receive the bulk of their nutritional information from advertisers. Industry is driving Canada's food guide recommendations and the planet, our health, and the animals are suffering for it. We need to take the focus away from processed animal products to whole food, plant-based options.Education is the key to a healthy and sustainable future. 

YOU can help us balance the nutritional information out there with some well researched data from the experts. Earthsave Canada is adding to our educational literature series by creating a Canadian-made veg starter kit booklet and colourful plant-based food guide, with corresponding power point presentation. Help Earthsave Canada bring educational tools into schools and workplaces. Prevention is the best prescription! Give today!


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Help us provide diet and nutrition information that benefits the planet as well as the people and animals living on it.  Give today to make this our continued existence and all of our projects possible. You really can make a difference ina  world of indifference.

EARTHSAVE CANADA ~ Save the earth one bite at a time

Earthsave Canada is a Vancouver-based charity, helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of animals.

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