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Plant-based Transitions: Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

There are so many solid reasons to become vegetarian – eating lower on the food chain to solve the spectre of mass starvation (Frances Moore Lappé’s reason in Diet for a Small Planet), health reasons in avoiding animal products (well-explained by my friend and Green Deputy leader Georges Laraque who is ahead of me and…
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Guest post: Why you need to show support for Bill C-246

Our friends at Fur-Bearer Defenders are working hard for this very important bill. We share their post here (also available at their site, ) and encourage you to contact your MP and work as hard as you can to help see this bill pass. Here is the post from Fur-Bearer Defenders: Bill C-246 is…
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Dairy or Beef? Which is worse?

It seems obvious enough. If you're concerned about cows, dairy's the way to go. Nobody gets killed, right? The cows spend pleasant lives grazing in the fields, coming in for milking every now and then. Right? Contrast that with the horrors of the slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, things aren't so simple. The small family farms on which…
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The Mystery That Unites Us All

There's a new article by our Earthsave Canada president out there that you might enjoy. It's at

As Dave says, "Dogs and cats, cows and pigs, chickens and crows all clearly share the basic experience of life that we do. Fish, too, show clear signs of conscious awareness. Charles Darwin saw it even in the lowly earthworm. I’m not so sure that he was right about that, but I do know that they can be trained to solve very simple mazes. Fruit flies are much better at solving mazes, though; and they can even learn from each other."