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Transitions - Bif Naked

I suppose I had a pretty normal upbringing, just like every other grubby little kid in my Sunday school. As normal as could be, despite the fact that I was born (and adopted in) India, and that MY parents were “missionaries” and dedicated to the church, as well as being “academics”. But still a typical North American meat-eating family. We simply didn’t KNOW anything different. In fact, growing up, the only vegetarians I knew were “Gandhi” and “Krishna” and there was even much debate as to whether or not “Jesus” himself, was a vegetarian .  By the time I was out of high school, and getting into music, this changed. From the university halls, and once we started touring, I met lots of punks, hippies, activists and even Krishna Punks, from the skateboarding culture and the scene I was just starting out in. It was incredible! I had massive respect for many of the Krishna Punks and the straight-edge hardcore bands we were getting to know. They were my mentors, and I was learning a lot, not just about the ethics of food but the statement it made to society. They stood for “non-violence”, and so did I. It was like making a socio-political statement and still being a non-confrontationalist, in my mind, and as a young woman, It empowered me and I felt very strongly about this, and wanted everyone to know. I developed a sense of Self-Identity about NOT eating meat or dairy and this was how I began to evolve as a VEGAN woman. The “Straight-Edge” felt good and it became how I developed a sense of self-respect, having previously experienced alcohol, drugs and violence, and carrying a lot of shame from this. I never looked back. Abstaining from anything that would harm my body, my mind, or my heart was a natural evolution for me, physically, spiritually, and psychologically. It remains my greatest gift to myself. I have lived this way for almost twenty years, and would never change for the world. My reasons continue to evolve even more with my own choices as a consumer, or even the choice NOT to consume, and try and promote and encourage others if I can. And I try harder to be more ethical as a result. I am still learning and there is always more to learn. The easiest thing I do, is what I do NOT do: consume meat, dairy, or alcohol. My band, my friends, and even my family all still eat meat and dairy, and even drink or smoke, but it just makes me more determined to live a non-harming life. I have never judged them. I just stay on my own path and stay true to my own self, without faltering. Going through life simply “different” from them, and feeling good about my own choices. This has been a deliberation, and I have enmeshed my vegan-straight-edge lifestyle with my “Non-judging” and “Non-harming” philosophies. It feels very good. I love life, I love my friends and family, and I love living in a world where I get to remain true to myself, stay true to my health and feel good about it. I’m pretty sure my animal friends and The Planet feel good about it, too. –Biffy


Bif Naked (born Beth Torbert) is a Juno Award-winning, multiplatinum record selling Canadian singer-songwriter, actress and motivational speaker. She is also a survivor, and a passionate plant-based supporter of Earthsave.

Fave Vancouver restaurant?

My favorite restaurant has been The Naam since 1989. I order the same thing every time: three large Naam salads. I used to be “Raw” and ordered plain salads, but since chemo I simply really, really wanted their Miso Gravy LOL!

Veg on the road?

No time on the road for making anyone go out of their way to find a restaurant “just for me” (the only vegan). I prefer the produce aisle at a grocery store. I get a clamshell of spinach and some zucchinis and bananas and I am satisfied. My favorite snack is a banana, or plain, dry, hot-air popcorn (we travel with a popper on the bus).

Is your pooch plant-based?

I do not believe in any “dog foods” and refuse to feed him anything I don’t make, myself. Nicklas, my Maltese, is a happy, healthy, extremely energetic 16 lb,16 year old senior dog. He is basically vegan

but will eat a cookie from the dog park mommies if my back is turned. He loves quinoa and yams and chickpeas. I have always fed dogs this way. Always will.


Ray Cappo (SHELTER), John Joseph (The CRO MAGS), David Life and Sharon Gannon (JIVAMUKTI), Henry Rollins, Gail Greenwood (BELLY and L7), Nina Gouveia, Gandhi, and animals.

New music ?!

Biff has a delicious new album for you to check out “So Happy I Could Die” Bif Naked Forever: (Acoustic  Hits & Other Delights)  More at

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