EARTHSAVE CANADA is a registered charity helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of all animals. You can make a difference.
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Recommended Alternatives

Although a diet based on whole foods is best, sometimes it's nice to have a quick and easy alternative to the foods we used to enjoy before we were aware of the consequences of eating animal products. These tasty treats make transitioning easier for some, but should be consumed in moderation due to the higher sodium content of processed foods.

Dairy and Egg alternatives

Daiya - shreds and wedges, these not only melt great but also freeze well so that you can buy them on sale and stock up.

Tofutti - Cheese slices, ice cream sandwiches, sour cream, cream cheese and more.

Vegenaise + Vegan Gourmet Cheese - Mayo, cheese and more.

So Delicious - ice cream, soy/coconut/almond milks, yogurt, creamers and more.

Meat Alternatives

Field Roast Grain Meats

Artisnal grain meats out of Seattle are the best - sausages, frankfurters, stuffed roasts, and more.
(many are soy free).


Great burgers and more, their 'Crispy Chick'n' is incredible.

EARTHSAVE CANADA ~ Save the earth one bite at a time

Earthsave Canada is a Vancouver-based charity, helping people choose foods that benefit our health, the environment, and the lives of animals.

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